The Diploma in Agricultural Science develops your knowledge and ability from a scientific perspective to aid in your understanding and practice of agriculture. How  can we maximise food and crop production to feed the Earth’s population without destroying our natural resources?


This Diploma program is part of the pathway to achieving a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, specialising in Agricultural Science.

A total of 120 ECTS credits must be completed.


Key Info

Duration: 6 months*


Start: Anytime


  1. High school certificate; or
    2. A relevant industry apprenticeship qualification; or
    3. Over 21 with proven and relevant experience.


Program Structure

This can be achieved by completing the Certificate in Agricultural Science (60 ECTS) and doing the following 6 modules:

Compulsory Modules (10 ECTS credits each)

Hover over a module title to find out more 

BSC209 Microbiology

Develop a broad-based understanding of microbiology and explore its relationship to human, animal and plant disease, routine functions in biology (e.g. absorption of nutrients, immunology, managing waste, etc), farming – horticulture, agriculture, food industries – food treatment, storage, preservation, etc. and environmental management.

BSC306 Environmental Chemistry

Better management of our environment must begin with understanding of the changes caused by humans in our quest for industrialisation and higher production.This module looks at how chemicals contaminate the environment, how chemicals used and the ways in which they can change the environment, and the impact of chemicals on the ecosystem.

BAG101 Biochemistry II

Intermediate level online biochemistry course. Study the structure and dynamics of proteins, the role of enzymes and hormones, and more.  Prerequisite: Biochemistry I

BAG103 Soil Management

This module explores how yields can be improved through knowledge about soil quality, nutrition, chemical imbalances, structural problems such as drainage, the importance of microbial life and more.

Research Project II

Learn to plan and conduct research into the current status of an aspect of an industry relating to their area of study, and to complete a descriptive report based on that research.

Elective Modules (10 ECTS credits each)

Select one module from the list below:

VSS106 Vertebrate Zoology

This module is an “experiential-based” course designed to provide you with practical components. As you work through the course, you’ll be working with industry professionals, while exploring the fundamental principles of vertebrate zoology.

BAG101 Animal Anatomy and Physiology

The basics of animal anatomy and physiology will help you manage and care for your animals, thus reducing overall costs.  This module helps students to understand how to diagnose disease, determine if an animal has sustained an injury, understand the physical capabilities or limitations of particular species, and understand what happens in the nutrition and growth processes.


How will I learn

The program is conducted entirely online. You can begin ANYTIME. Upon enrolment, you will receive an email with an access code for our online learning system within 48 hours. You may be required to do an orientation course in academic writing (non-examinable) beforehand.

Modules are split into readings, set task activities, and assignments. At the end of each module, you will be required to sit for an examination and/or submit a project.


Learning Support

You will get unlimited email support throughout the program, on every module/course. Feedback is provided for every assignment that is sent in. In some instances, telephone support can also be arranged.


When you achieve this qualification, you can begin on your Advance Diploma.

Fees refer to tuition only. It does not include ancillary expenses such as required materials (see above), textbooks, internet connections, postage, telephone calls, insurance and printing. 


Time varies depending upon exemptions, performance and the workload. Accreditation for Prior Learning or Experience (APEL) can reduce time and fees. Part of a degree pathway.

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