• Do you like working with animals or crops but are worried about the impact on the environment?
  • How do we solve problems arising from the expanding population growth (e.g. food security and safety; loss of natural and farming resources; urbanisation)?

The Warnborough College Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture will open your mind and your world to new possibilities.


Learn from the perspective of agriculturalists and farmers about all the agricultural practices we often take for granted. Use that to develop a career in sustainable agriculture to ensure a good future for the next generation.


Key Info

Duration: 6 months*

Start: Anytime


  1. High school certificate; or
    2. A relevant industry apprenticeship qualification; or
    3. Over 21 with proven and relevant experience.


Program Structure

The Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture gives you a starting point in your career (or personal journey?) farming responsibly and sufficiently in the most optimal way possible. The course is flexible, at-your-own-pace, and consists of five compulsory modules and one elective module (a total of 60 ECTS must be completed):

Compulsory Modules (10 ECTS credits each)

Hover over a module title to find out more 

BAG215 Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability in agriculture is not just a trendy phrase. It is no longer sufficient to just be productive and the cost of production is no longer just thought of in terms of money. The environmental resources of a farm as well as the financial must not deteriorate if a farm is to continue to exist into the future. This module looks at how you can improve farm sustainability while increasing your prospects of working in the industry.

BAG306 Agronomy I

Learn how to grow field crops like grain for use as human food, animal feed, fibre, oilseed and some industrial product. This module on agronomy covers factors related to crop production such as crop physiology, plant breeding, pest control and soil science.

BAG104 Farm Management

Look at how to effectively manage a farm or agricultural enterprise which services farms. Farming is just as much about management as it is about animal or crop production. Learn to analyse, diagnose and make decisions related to the management of a farm business. The course relates to managing all resources, including; production, staff, physical resources, and natural resources. You also learn strategic planning, whole farm planning, and how to prepare a business plan.

VAG100 Animal Health Care

This module helps you to understand animal health care and basic veterinarian procedures. The knowledge gained from this module can improve your employment prospects, form part of a career pathway towards becoming a qualified Veterinary Nurse or Animal Technician, or simply to provide better health care to your non-human family or business enterprise members.

Research Project I

This module encourages you to construct a problem statement, identify relevant literature, then develop a hypothesis. You will also be required to look at data sources and complete a research proposal. The module will help you to understand how to structure a thesis, complete an ethics form and draft a thesis to post graduate level.

Elective Modules (10 ECTS credits each)

Select one module from the list below:

BHT201 Permaculture Systems

Permaculture seeks to increase sustainability and biodiversity, lessen input, grow plants that have more than one use and that are actually used rather than just grown. This module broadens your understanding of permaculture applications.

BPS108 Engineering I

Learn how common farm machines and tools are built, what they do, and servicing and applications in horticulture and agriculture. Study power tools & equipment, tractors, lawn mowers.

BAG210 Sheep Production

Discover sheep husbandry and farming for improved farm practices in the production of wool and meat with our experienced and highly qualified faculty.


How will I learn

The program is conducted entirely online. You can begin ANYTIME. Upon enrolment, you will receive an email with an access code for our online learning system within 48 hours. You may be required to do an orientation course in academic writing (non-examinable) beforehand.

Modules are split into readings, set task activities, and assignments. At the end of each module, you will be required to sit for an examination and/or submit a project.


Learning Support

You will get unlimited email support throughout the program, on every module/course. Feedback is provided for every assignment that is sent in. In some instances, telephone support can also be arranged.


When you achieve this qualification, you can begin on your Diploma.

Fees refer to tuition only. It does not include ancillary expenses such as required materials (see above), textbooks, internet connections, postage, telephone calls, insurance and printing. 


Time varies depending upon exemptions, performance and the workload. Accreditation for Prior Learning or Experience (APEL) can reduce time and fees. Part of a degree pathway.

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