The Advanced Diploma in the Psychology and Counselling takes you to the next level in these two important disciplines. It is accredited by the ACCPH.


This Advanced Diploma program is part of the pathway to achieving a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, specialising in Psychology and Counselling.


A total of 180 ECTS credits must be completed.


Key Info

Duration: 6 months*

Start: Anytime

Prerequisites: One of the following:


Program Structure

This can be achieved by completing the Certificate in Psychology and Counselling (60 ECTS) and the Diploma in Psychology and Counselling (60 ECTS) PLUS the following 6 modules:

Compulsory Modules (10 ECTS credits each)

Hover over a module title to find out more 

BPS209 Grief Counselling

Develop your understanding of appropriate practices and procedures for Grief Counselling. Topics covered include: Nature and Scope of Grief, Stages of Grief, Grief and different age groups, Adjustment to Bereavement, Abnormal Grief, Preparing for Bereavement, Long-term Grief, etc.

BPS109 Counselling Skills II

This module introduces you to the kinds of problems and issues that a person might face in overcoming stresses and limiting attitudes. Learn about the counsellor’s role and the counselling process, and gain basic practical counselling skills. Recommended for parents, teachers and others who want to communicate in a more supportive, empathetic manner. Pre-requisite: Introduction to Psychology or equivalent.

BPS304 Crisis Counselling

This module provides those already in the counselling or helping industries with knowledge and skills to give specialised counselling, and will contribute to comprehensive counselling training for those wishing to work in this field.

BPS206 Counselling Techniques

Which theories have had a lasting effect on modern counselling and psychotherapy? Which techniques are best suited to different situations? Learn about the major theoretical approaches to counselling and their application. This course does not recommend one technique over another – it makes the student aware of different therapies that can be used to help clients. This is an indispensable part of training or professional development for counsellors. Pre-requisites: Introduction to Psychology

Research Project III

Develop innovative approaches to workplace activities through systematic research in an industry relating to their stream studies. Apply and build on skills and competencies gained throughout previously studied modules developing initiative and innovation.

Elective Modules (10 ECTS credits each)

Select one module from the list below:

BPS214 Child and Adolescent Mental Health

This module is an excellent introduction to the nature and scope of mental health issues amongst children and adolescents. It highlights the signs and symptoms of some common mental health conditions, discusses their potential causes, and outlines possible treatment.

BPS216 Managing Mental Health in Adults

This module looks at the mental health issues faced by adults. Learn the signs, symptoms and causes of common mental health conditions, reviews possible treatments.


How will I learn

The program is conducted entirely online. You can begin ANYTIME. Upon enrolment, you will receive an email with an access code for our online learning system within 48 hours. You may be required to do an orientation course in academic writing (non-examinable) beforehand.

Modules are split into readings, set task activities, and assignments. At the end of each module, you will be required to sit for an examination and/or submit a project.


Learning Support

You will get unlimited email support throughout the program, on every module/course. Feedback is provided for every assignment that is sent in. In some instances, telephone support can also be arranged.


When you achieve this qualification, you can move towards completing your BSc in Psychology.


Fees refer to tuition only. It does not include ancillary expenses such as required materials (see above), textbooks, internet connections, postage, telephone calls, insurance and printing. 


Time varies depending upon exemptions, performance and the workload. Accreditation for Prior Learning or Experience (APEL) can reduce time and fees. Part of a degree pathway.

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